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New zip technology! well...kind of.


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its called 7-zip Archiver. its like a year old, but still kinda new. ive never used it myself, i will probably soon when i have something dramatic to test it on, but my friend has used it. with his full set of nes roms, about 1.7gb, using this software, he compressed it down to 230mb. not bad in my opinion. if anyone is intrested, here is a download link : http://download.com.com/3001-2250-4451375.html


if anyone gets a chance to test it before me, maybe they could post there results in this thread. thanks in advance. :D

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Does it work you guys??  


This can save a lot of $$ money for me, because I copy all my data on cds


same here. i have to copy all my stuff onto cd, untill i get a bigger hd. as soon as i have something to zip, i'll give it a try. :roll:

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aeghhhhhhhhhhhhh i just recebtly lost all my data and can´t find my latest backups and it aches me right in the a$$ :oops: i was just waiting for the new files ti reach a zise about 600 mb so i could record them on a cd but couldn´t :roll:

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