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Controller Config For Fba-x?

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Is there anyway to save your controller config for each game or for a set of games. I use a different controller setup when I play neogeo and cps1&2 games and I'm really getting tired of having to manually keep switch backing and forth. If not can somebody please add this feature.

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brightsons, there's actually a better method for fba-xxx that I figured out. I'm using the latest build that has 4 menus (CPS1, CPS2, NeoGeo, Others). The CPS1 & CPS2 Controller configs are tied together and the NeoGeo & Others configs are tied together. Whenever you're in a menu, press the Y Button, this will bring up the controller config. Set it up how you like it and then it will be set for the Group (CPS1 & 2 is one group while NeoGeo & Others is the other). Like I said I've tested this for the new version, but not the older versions. Hope that helps! :blink:

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