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For Those Who Didn't Believe In Sf4's Production.

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I will believe it when an offical statement is released by Capcom...I don't trust little noob's on the net that talk crap...

Hahah. That little noob is like a capcomologist. But oh well.

He could be the King of England for all I care...As Captian FuKu put it..he ain't no Capcom Rep nor does he work for Capcom...so his info is worth jack crap...

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Capcomologist...what a flocking loser.


Hey nyuuka, how does it feel to be shot down TWICE?! MUAHAHAHAHAHA  :lol: It doesn't matter what this Capcomologist says, he's not Capcom.

Wow... Gryph just has no mercy whatsover. :lol:

:lol: I'm in a pretty crappy mood right now. I think I'll just stop studying and bomb this test.

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Welp, we all have our preferences.  'Capcomologist' was just a joke term.  OK NOW you can hang me. :P

What would you like on your tombstone?


And if you say cheese and pepperoni I'll bludgeon (sp?) you with a horse's femur.

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