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or..you can always push ctrl+alt+delete...then end go to "processes", then go to where it says..."explorer"..end that process, then go to file and go to "start new task" and from there, find the file you are looking for and delete. Then at the little "start new task" window, type in "explorer" and just go to recycle bin and delete...


...that usually works

I think that was mentioned in the thread. And it doesnt work with me. I Installed win2k earlier to day, and deleted the file. At least I can play old win95 apps._.

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I have this problem every no and again. What I do is this:

  • Try and SHIFT-DELETE the file
  • Check the folder properties and see if it is read only
  • Disable the read only property
  • Try again to delete file
  • Failing that I load up WinUAE into workbench, with PC drives added and try and delete the file from the Amiga emulation (It is less fussy if something else is using the file)
  • Failing That, I reboot and being up the startup menu (F5 on my machine), and boot into "safe mode with prompt"... it's called something like that anyway. Delete the file using your dos commands

These being:

X: - X is the letter of a drive C: is usually your main HDD

cd\ - Go to the base folder of a drive

cd [foldername\foldername\foldername] - navigate to a folder

dir - List the contents of a folder

dir /w - lists contents of a folder with a wide view

dir /p - lists folder contents in steps... press a key to view next

del [filename] - deletes a file



And if you still can't delete the bugger after that... then call in the exorcist to free your pc of demons...

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