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  1. ocassionally Ninty do release in the UK first (well Europe) e.g. Mario Kart DD... although it was by about 3 days or something... :S I'm sorry but that does not let NTSC gamers feel our pain! Anyone remember 1080 on N64?... Held back a YEAR for PAL gamers because it took to long to release it that "snowboarding season" was over... right.... >.> Anyway I was meaning a mod to play PAL/NTSC since I'm a PAL gamer. No... most people in the US don't even have PAL capability on their TVs from what I can gather from a friend...
  2. oh god.. go to Dextrose.com and stop covering old ground people...
  3. lol yup I need to get my adaptoid back so I can play this...
  4. Are you saying that I don't? I have two GC isos that I don't own the originals for, and those are 18 wheeler and Animal Crossing. The former I am yet to play and the latter will probably never be released in the UK so unless they do release it officially here I can't buy it and I ain't importing! And I think the tape idea has been tried and it still checks for the barcode...
  5. no, pointless as that is, it won't work. When you take a disc out of a GC and put another back in, it starts all protection chcks from scratch, ie checking the barcode. So it will reject the backup even if it's of the same game.
  6. I have this problem every no and again. What I do is this: Try and SHIFT-DELETE the file Check the folder properties and see if it is read only Disable the read only property Try again to delete file Failing that I load up WinUAE into workbench, with PC drives added and try and delete the file from the Amiga emulation (It is less fussy if something else is using the file) Failing That, I reboot and being up the startup menu (F5 on my machine), and boot into "safe mode with prompt"... it's called something like that anyway. Delete the file using your dos commands These being: X: - X is t
  7. TITLE = Friendship DATE = 2000 PUBLISHER = Sony GENRE = Alternative Rock ALBUM = Tenacious D BAND = Tenacious D COMPOSER = Tenacious D ARTIST = Tenacious D SONGLEN = 119158 TRACKNUMBER = 15
  8. The main problem with the Q is that in essence it uses exactly the same hardware as a standard cube... Including the DVD drive controller, which tells it to check a disc for the barcode before it will do anything with it. DVD and audio cds are handled independantly from game discs. Someone would still have to figure out how to either hack the firmware or the hardware of the DVD controller in order to read backup discs. The only really benefit of doing this on a Q is the fact that you have a full sized drive, so you could write to a normal sized DVD+/-R. This is pointless though since you CA
  9. the bottleneck is on the expansion port... if you get the the BBA to use it's full bandwidth of 100Mb, you will still only reach 27Mb in reality. Although the loaders are also currently a bit sloppy in how the stream the data to the GC...
  10. yeah it has got a couple of commercial games to run at least to the title screen. It's still mainly homebrew stuff for PS2 emulation atm.
  11. COMMENT = NES forever(#$^ ALBUM = http://www.ocremix.org BPM = 00000 COMPOSER = Koichi Sugiyama GENRE = Game COPYRIGHT = Enix TITLE = Dragon Warrior Timeless OC ReMix ORIGALBUM = Dragon Warrior ORIGARTIST = NES ARTIST = Nominuke / NES Dimension TRACKNUMBER = 0 NO DESCRIPTION = http://remix.overclocked.org
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