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is there anyway to force delete files from yur computer. i have a half finished naruto episode and it wont delete. i tried to delete the file and it said it was bein used by another process, but i ended all the processes but explorer. arrrgghh can sum 1 tell me how to fix it?

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I get that sometimes when I try to delete videos. First, restart your computer and try to delete. If that doesn't work, cut and then paste the file into the recycle bin. If that doesn't work...then I don't know what to do.

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oh yeah im on windows xp

thx fer the help klaw but it didnt work

Then I'm stumped, because every time I faced a problem like this, I would just boot my Win98 into DOS and remove the file(s) from there. :P

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dumbphuck= me

how did i not realize that....

srry for wastin yur time

The most simple question usually solves the most difficult of problems. :D It's ok saiyanfire, at least it's solved now.

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When you mean force delete.. do you mean to just delete the file without going to the recycle bin?


If so... Just highlight the file and hold SHIFT, then press DELETE.


There..file deleted completely.:D


EDIT... nvmd.. my eyes are getting lazy...


If that's the case then press CTRL+ALT+DELETE.. END TASK: EXPLORER.


Then click in Windows Task Manager, Click File, and type "explorer" again.

It will then load your desktop back and then try deleting the file. It should now delete. ;)

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