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PS2 mod chips


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I was just wondering if you guys could help me make a decision on what mod-chip to buy and where to get it.

To start out, I need a Mod-chip for a V4 ps2


I also need to know some reputable mod-chip retailers and what modchip to get. Keep in mind I don't mind doing soldering.


I would normally try to find one on my own, but after doing a few searches and only getting porn and such, I thought I'd come to some people who most likely know.

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how come there's no more new mod chips compatible with the 30001 bios anymore?!!...that really sucks, why would someone buy a new ps2 just to get a new mod chips...



...anyways, that Breaker pro looks tempting...maybe I should get that.. :lol:

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i wouldn't recomend magic 3.1, theres a few games it has problems with (all games being better on pc). deus ex, max payne 1 and 2, and splinter cell.


the problems with the games is it gives you the rsod (red screen of death) while loading the game or at a certain point of the game. like for splinter cell you'll get the rsod when you finish a mission and try to save. but at least for splinter cell theres a way over it (eject the disc before saving).


i can recomend duo for v1-v7 usa (v3-v8 pal) it works just like messiah 2 pro except it only has 17 wires to install and at low cost ($21 +shipping at foundmy.com).


also theres the great messiah 2 mod which works on v0-v10 :lol:


theres a new version of magic (magic v) but its for either v9 or 10 (2 different mods for 2 different versions of ps2).


and theres what some ppl call the best (not me) DMS3. theres 2 versions of this mod: DMS3 v2 is for v0-v8 | DMS3 v9 works on v9/v10 only.


all the mods do the same but in DMS3 case it has the option to update the mod but this option has been more useless then usefull. DMS3 also features an option to use certain emulator or media player (ps2 reality player) via the memory card but you still waste a cd just to either use the memory card function or just boot from a cd.

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