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PCSXBOX problems


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Why don´t you try having only one bios at a time?, i mean, select the game, selec the bios mode with x button, you´ll have normal mode and hle mode, i guess in normal mode is for the 1001 or 7001 bioses, just giv it a try.

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i've never heard the author of the emulator talk about the other bios, so i don't think it's an option to choose which bios on the fly. i think we'll just have to switch them from the bios folder until he makes a better option. i'll try everything out once i get home. i'd been looking for these other bioses for a while, so i'm interested to see if they make a difference.

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i got nine other bioses. i tried them out, and aside from the scph5000a freezing up the emulator, i don't think any of them made one bit of difference.

Personally, I use scph101.bin (PSOne bios) renamed in scph1001.bin to use it with PCSXbox.

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