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What do you do for a living?


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ahh yes....perfect answer!


'we are all SADISTIC stalkers!'


you are the man Gryph..

Oh yes, I am the man.

No. You're the "G".

This curse will be with me my entire life...I will always be bonded to Kenny G :D Can I wash this sin?! I am damned and marked for Satan's lair! This is my sad horrible life...

Be proud of your "G".

One day, I hope to walk with my head up high. One day I hope to be able to say to a girl, "Hi, I'm related to Kenny G, how are you doing?" And she won't slap me and spit in my face with disgust, but she will actually try to love me for who I am. One day, I wish to go to jazz concert and not be crapped on by all the other saxaphone players for being related to the scourge of their art form. One day, people won't equate having the "G" to being infected with a rampant venerial disease. One day, I hope to walk into a room and people will say, "Look at him, he is a wonderful person even though he is a *cough*...a 'G'."


I've been bamboozled! Hoodwinked! Run Amok! I did not land on Plymouth rock! Plymouth rock landed on me!


So please, don't judge me for my accidental associations with one of the worst musicians ever, judge me for who I really am.


Thank you and goodnight.



:lol: I should be studying...

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