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can anyone tell me..


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I am pretty annoyed cuz any emus that don't support screen resizing go off the edges of my screen this happens with evox too. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this. I noticed in my XBMC setting it says my screen is 720x480 now I know a tv screen is 640x480 right? anyone have any idea how to fix this highly annoying problem?

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sorry, I can't help you but I have a similar problem. When using FBAx the bottom and the top of the picture (sometimes even the left and right part as well - not that noticable) are off the screen. Therefore the credits counter is cut off or even the press start/player 1 / 2 on top of the screen is not visible. Adjusting the screen in the setting doesn't change anything. It's just like FBAx's picture is to big to fit the screen.


In mameX the same game perfectly fits the screen only FBAx seems to be giving me this problem.


Is there any.ini file I have to change or some kind of setting I have yet to find.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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there are settings in xbmp/xbmc for the aspect ratio, also in the config.xml...

i dont remember if the evox.ini had an aspect ratio setting or not, but i know the skin does have settings for positions of various fonts etc... try that.


alot of stuff also looks at the xbox dash setting to determine the aspect, mine is set to 16:9


anyways almost every emu or app has a resize feature...

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