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  1. Thx DugFreez for the information. Found it out by myself today. When messing around in the adjust screen setting I only tried the left analog stick which 'only' changes the position and not the size. Anyways, all is good now
  2. sorry, I can't help you but I have a similar problem. When using FBAx the bottom and the top of the picture (sometimes even the left and right part as well - not that noticable) are off the screen. Therefore the credits counter is cut off or even the press start/player 1 / 2 on top of the screen is not visible. Adjusting the screen in the setting doesn't change anything. It's just like FBAx's picture is to big to fit the screen. In mameX the same game perfectly fits the screen only FBAx seems to be giving me this problem. Is there any.ini file I have to change or some kind of setting I have yet to find. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx.
  3. is it just me or are 5 files missing from the newsgroup post? there are supposed to be 26 files à about 20MB but I can only see 21? furthermore, what games does this all inclusive package include? thanks.
  4. thank you, N3oGhost, the patch worked great and there is a lot of useful information on that site as well.
  5. can anyone please mail me the patched s1.rom file (or at least the patch) for kof2003 (CRC 7c7829aa)? I have all the other files required by now thanks to your great support and talent! woldschnogge@gmx.net
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