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My Brilliant Idea!!!!


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Ok i got a good idea the other day, i was getting really pissed at fanboys (again) and i decided, to stop their bitching, why not combine the Xbox, Gamecube, Playstation, and Dreamcast!!!, this way it would be all the great aspects of every system, and no one could hate it!! I even thought of a name...


The PlayCubeXCast!!!!


Anyone else know of any good ways to get these fanboys STFU/make this system great?!?! (if you havent figured out this is a topic about how to shush fanboys....well...you know now)

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I hate it when people argue over which system is the best....it always ends up in a flame war...


I own all four consoles because they each have different games etc that I enjoy :lol:


But, I don't think anything could make fanboys stop causing pointless flame wars....not even the PlayCubeXCast (Which is an awesome concept by the way :) )

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I'm pretty sure I know to combine these consoles :D Wait until these systems are emulated, buy a super-fast PC. Get some DC2PC, X-box2PC, GC2PC, PS22PC controller converters, and you've got exactly what you want. :) Plus it'll probably have better graphics that the original.

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