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must have titles for neo geo


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I guess so. I got those ROMs a long time ago and haven't cared enough to fix them.


How big are M1 files?

Quite small. PM me and I can send 'em if you want.

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Baseball Stars 2. That game kicks ass especially with a human opponent.

Pulstar. Hard as hell, but well worth the trouble. Awesome visuals. (See: Blazing Star)


IronClad (Neo-Geo CD only though)

How can you forget Last Blade 2!? [/menacing voice]


Twinkle Star Sprites and WindJammers: Awasome 2P action.

haha...i kinda just grew bored of last blade 2. i thought the mood it set was just too boring and serious. thats just my opinion though. :)


ill have to check out windjammers

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