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Buld my own website


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I was thinking of building my own website.l

One that is free, does anyone have any good places to start.

One that i can design my self, hopefully it is going to be neo geo based.

Any info because im really looking foward to doing my own neo roms site!!

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Good thankyou somebody.

What about the roms?

Ami correct in thinking i need to get a server to store them,

And that will require money?

Im not a tight arse its just i have no money at the moment [well its living money if you know what i mean]

Thanks alot somebody im going ti check this out write now.

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yeah, i dont think you are going to be able to get a lot of roms on a tripod account. the most they offer, i think, is 50mb. what i would do, personaly, is open a tripod account, and use it as just a sort of gateway to maybe an ftp server that you could run off your pc. the good thing about having an ftp instead of renting space on a regular server, is, naturally, the cost. "free" is a nice word to use to discribe it. also, setting up one isnt too difficult. im sure, either myself, or someone else here would be able to help you with that if you want. i just think that would be the best way to go about it.:(:

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50MB of space, PHP4/CGI/MySQL support. No bandwidth restricts like Gheyocities does to you.

Provided you can read en francais, or manage to navigate (which really isn't hard to figure out what is what, when signing up anyway) by trying to follow along, it's the best free service I've found.


I also wrote an anti-ad script for this place, as my website (which hasn't been updated since Feb) is located there.

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Enigma is back.

I will check both links and see how it goes.

I no nothing about codeing html so i could be in for a hard time. I got omething running on tripod, but when i go back to edit it iget a weird bit of code i have mailed them it seems like a server error.

ME! what is an ftp? your looking at a tottal beginner here folks.

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Ok you can have a sneak preview remember i cant edit it i cant do anything with it its not supposed to look like it does at all, gifs are up so 56k be warned. I also spelt beginning wrong.

I cant wait for them to fix the cruddy problem.

hang on i can show you guys, you guys know everything write, when i go to re edit with web builder this is what i get a white screen withis writeing.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml


Its a loade of nonesense to me.I was thinking what if i bought a gigabite of memeory of them is this the service i can exspect.

im really going to try and make this site top notch for all neo geo.




remember not done yet





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When they fix the bloody thing, i would be gratefull for coments and ideas i plan to have a large section for gif cuts on all formats.

Tutorials on how to cut gif.

The latest emulators for windows only.

If you come to my site you can plug and play thats how it is going to be.

I remeber been a newbie on the emulation scene and i found it hard going.

With gamecops permission i would link these forums as my forums

with gamcops permission.

My site is linked now to this forum but i was only testing and i cant undo yet.

Reviews YOUR reviews reccomedations and all that cool stuff.

I figure if im on the netall the time i might as well be productive and with you guys behind me i cant possiblie fail.

Submissions as in your gif cuts your artwork i love all the artwork man.Im goingto get all the cart pics to go with the roms when the roms are up, woundering could i get other people to uploade for me?

Then if someone has super speedy uploade downloade they can uploade the big games and i can do the little games.

ME! tell me more about free memeory!

or ill have to fork out somebig bukz.

Neo cream has begun:bounce:

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ME! what is an ftp? your looking at a tottal beginner here folks


its basically a server that you run off your pc. unlike having to pay money to store your roms on a web server, an ftp is FREE. keep in mind though, that everything goes on your harddrive. all your roms, emulators, gifs etc. you can still have the webstite on tripod and just link your files from your ftp server (pc) onto your web page. no server space or bandwidth to pay for. thats what makes it free, and an excellent alternative if you are poor, like me! :yeah: all you need is :


1-a fast connection, dsl or above prefered.

2-a harddrive big enough to store the roms, etc for your site.

3-an ip service incase you have a dynamic ip that changes everytime you log onto the internet.

4-an ftp server prog


if you are still not sure about what i have said here, or have any questions, or would like some help setting one up, i could most certainlly point you in the right direction. just pm me when you have the time, and we will talk.:angel:

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Hey guys my site has had an update and is looking a lot better than the first time round.

Reviews urgently needed!!!!

neo geo games only.

You can use pictures in your reviews but only the following format jpeg and gif animation.

later guys :yeah:

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