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How do you backup Gamecube Games??

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sp1200 and Shibathedog are correct on about everything, but to clear up things, here's what you need to get/do:


The Broadband adapter is a device that plugs into the bottom of your Gamecube where those 3 panels are. It basically gives the Gamecube an Ethernet Port. This is how you will connect to your PC and backup games from the Gamecube.


Phantasy Star Online is used as the means of uploading the ripping/loading software onto the Gamecube so you can backup/load games.


Crossover cable allows you to connect your PC to your Gamecube directly. It is a special type of Cat 5 cable with 2 of the 8 pairs switched (the TX and RX pairs) so that two devices can talk to each other without having to have some sort of interface. Like SP1200 said earlier, you can bypass this if you have a Router/Switch/Hub, but all your cables then would need to be Straight Through cables (no pairs switched).


Hope that made sense and good luck backing up!!

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meh, id say there are at least 60 good games for it


but their better on other systems :lol:


I really like the Gamecube's graphics style though, alot like the Dreamcast, they dont look REAL, but its like their not supposed to, they are virtually perfect, they are SUPPOSED to look like that, all shiny and smooth...freakin beautiful, thats why i still buy games for it

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ok, I've got a problem


I'm trying to run Gamecube ISO Ripping Server and it's not working


I created a save onto my memory card from my pc to my GC using PSULv1.1, so I know it was connecting in some way. Now when it came to loading the Gamecube ISO Ripping Server Program, the ip settings were all set, I go to launch it, and I get this error message.


The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.

C5:0504 IP:0108 OP:c7 8b 6d 03 d2 Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.


I choose Close, and it doesn't close it, I get this message at the bottom of the GCISORS program, "Server Up, Waiting for Data..." But nothing happens when I load the online PSO game. I'm running Windows XP Professional if that helps. PLEASE HELP!!! I'm so confused ;)

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Alright, I finally was able to rip gamecube games to my PC. But, My Super Monkey Ball Game crashed right near the end f the process. It did it twice, so it must be my game and not my systems.


I transfered my Legend of Zelda Multi Pack Game, and I'm having trouble running this. I'm currently using Cubesoft Phoenix v2.1 (build 56) I leave everything on default settings with Phoenix. I was able to see the nintendo logo of the zelda game on my gamecube with PSO running. There's no music, just a lot of loud static. Next, I'm able to choose wether I want to play the origianl, or the master quest. No matter which one I choose, the screen goes black, and nothing happens. Any other type of settings I try, I don't even get as far as the nintendo logo. I spent a crap load of money for this process, and even if it runs at 6fps, I still want to play this stuff, could someone please help? I'm tearing my hair out!!! ARGH!! Thank you for your replies!!

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