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can u run evo on ur xbox and still have xbox live?


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U can still have xbox live. Just use the xbox live patch, lock Ur HDD, and turn off Ur modchip. U also have to use an original game not a back-up because the modchip will be disabled.Do not try to use live with Ur modchip on!!! U will be banned :)

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I use XBL with the following configuration with NO problems.



Xecuter 2.2 Pro wire install

Maxtor 250 GB 7200 RPM HDD (Locked using Evox)

Avalaunch, Evolution X, Unleash X dashboards boot from F:

All Emus/XBOX games running off F:




Ensure you leave the XBOX C: Partition unmodified(i.e. Multiregion dvd patch for xboxdash.xbe)

EMU gamesaves on E: are O.K.


With the modchip off boot to the XBOX Dashboard and be sure to reset your IP and DNS settings back to automatic if not already set.


Connect to XBL using an ORIGINAL game as Orochi said and enjoy.



I got brave and decided to risk it. I have been on daily enjoying content downloads and network play trouble free for about a week now.


Question for Orochi: What is the XBL patch? I did not require any patching.

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If U used slayer' evox auto installer 2.0 not 2.5 there is an option to install xbox live "patch". which it just makes U able to launch MS Dashboard that has an xbox live tab without the chip being on. In slayer's 2.5 this option is not there, but when used it "patches" and makes the Ms Dashboard along with an xbox live tab without asking.Sorry, don't know if "xbox live patch" is an official term. :)

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