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It's time i chip another Xbox


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Well its time i chip another Xbox, im definatly going with the EvoX Bios because it rules, my question is, what mod chip? I used the Matrix last time and i hate flashing it because if its stupid serial port thing and bleh, i just have so many problems with the thing


im liking the Chameleon chip with solderless adaptor, CD BIOS flashing :$$$:


but what should i get?

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hmm why evox bios? it has no igr plus X2 4981 fixes the clock prob many ppl get along with the safety of the xbox live block.


Chameleon chip as far as i know has been replaced with Xenium chip but just about any of the new mods are damn good although with pro mods giving you more space for bios and a programer.


i'm happy with X2 lite mod, simple soldering and simple to use with the switches under controller port 1 :$$$:

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wait, which one is the one that lets you get on XCrap Delayed (thats what i call Xbox Live because it pisses me off so much heh) without getting banned? i was reading about it on Xbox Scene, i thought it was EvoX


ill look into that chip, im good at soldering, but id just rather not do it just in case :$$$:

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I'd definitely say go with a X2.3 as they're really easy to install. I've done 15 of them and no probs so far. I haven't messed with the Xenium yet as I'm trying to get my work to purchase one so I can test it out, but I've heard great things from them so far. Only downside is the addition of onboard soldering of 2 extra points if you have a Xbox 1.5.


As for BIOS, I'd say use the X2 4981 just like Prican said. It has all of the features you need along with the Xbox Live safety.


The only bad pard about the X2.3b is that the main distributor for the US, System-Mods doesn't seem to have any of the Lites in stock. If you wanna shell out more cash, you could shoot for the Pro. Another benefit is definitely price point. X2.3b goes for $38 while the Xenium is about $50+.

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what would be the difference between the lite and the pro? Does one require less soldering or is preflashed or something? I would REALLY like to avoid soldering. Also, what version of Xbox is the new one that comes with Star Wars: Clone Wars and Tetris because that would be the one i would buy probably.


Sorry, i know nothing about Xbox mods, i had a tutorial and app do everything for me :( ive only researched the hardware and mods you can do that dont relate to Chipping (gots me a sweet looking box :) )


PS. Im in the US region

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