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It's time i chip another Xbox


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hmm ok, well does this modchip support the CD Flashing? or FTP?


DVD+Rs are too expensive so i want to do everything by either CDR or FTP, would that BIOS/Chip support that? Also, a flasher would be ok for the chip if it wasnt too hard to use


is 1.5 the one with the supposed 20GB HDD? I read that certain ones of some version, i think 1.5 come with 20GB HDD space


so with that lite chip i could have the X2.3 BIOS AND the MS Dash on it? becuase i think thats all i would use

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yes you can use a cd-rw as most xbox dvd-roms don't read cdr


1.5 is 8gb hdd, you're thinking about the crystal xbox coming out in europe which is rumored to have 20gb (still too small)


with lite you can have any 2 bios on either bank. you don't need xbox's bios on the mod cuz if you turn off the mod it goes back to the xbox's default bios chip and its bios.


also you can access ms dash with other dashes even with the mod on.

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oh wow sweet


i heard of that crystal one, where its...silver...hehe


wasnt there an orange one for the Xbox Live launch somewhere and it came with an orange controller?


okay so you recommend i go with the X2.3BIOS and maybe Xecuter then? or would just that BIOS be fine?


Oh yeah and why would a Xbox read CDRW and not CDR? I have ripped music CDs that where on CDRs to the HDD before, is it because i have that new Thompson drive or whatever and i read that one can read them better?

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