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"Survival of the Prettiest"

Captain FuKu

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The site in question is called Vanitydate...and it seems to live up to its name. Now, I really don't give a crap about these online dating things, but I happened to see a coverage on this site on t.v. a few days back, and curiousity struck and I checked it out. It was amusing to say the least, but I can also see how this site may be offensive to some people -- considering its stringent requirements to even be a member. :)


Well there's nothing much to really see (or say); maybe check out the top 10, and you could click on the "if you don't like our site click here" option. Hmmm...pretty lame actually, but I did find it amusing how the owners of the site tried so hard to offend as if the idea behind the site was so unique.


Oh...and also notice how under "Join Free", you notice that though membership for females is free, if you're a guy, then it's 20 bucks per month. Classic! :P


And when rating members, it seems you can't rate any lower than 7. What's with that? :mrgreen:


So, hit back with some comments if you have any. And to the mods, delete this thread if you feel like it -- or whatever. :P



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after you send a pic it takes like... 15 or so minutes to see if you've been approved


I just refreshed my e-mail browser after 30 minutes ;)

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