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Playing VCD in Dreamcast !!

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First download the gypplayer from this link: http://www.boob.co.uk/files/GypPlay_LikSangEdition.zip


First download both the file: nero burning rom and gypplayer.


-Now..burn the image of the utopiacd 1.1 (which is the.nrg of nero) then you have the utopia1.1 boot cd


-now unpack your gypplayerfull.zip into an empty directory... and add the.mpg or.avi or.mpeg file of your choice... now burn the contents of this directory on cd...


-all you have to do now is to boot with your utopia 1.1 and exchange with your gypplayer+movie cd....


-Thats all..enjoy:)

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How do i use version 1.3?


its weird it looks like a swap trick type thing...the CD spins and just goes back and forth from the licsenced or endorsed by Sega to black to licensed or endorsed by Sega


i have 1.1 or 1.2 im not sure but 1.3 supposedly works on VGA thats why i want to use this because i play everything on VGA possible

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I have a better method of doing this


Download the VCD Toolkit, it has a guide and tools for making ANY movie into a Dreamcast VCD AND it makes them selfboot/VGA compatible


its EXTREMLY easy and it WORKS!!


if anyone wants it contact me

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yeah it should support 2.0, but remember, 1.0 is actually VCD and 2.0 is actually SVCD not many programs use the numbers anymore.


and a tip




I used 5.11 and it didnt work, it sucks i know, but you dont really gain anything except stupid new icons and useless features you wont ever use from 5.11

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why dont you just spend £25 at Argos and buy a compliant DVD player from Acoustic Systems lol..... save yourself a whole lot of hasstle, plus youll be able to play DVD's on it - watching VCD on DS sux.... period..... Itll do it, but why bother when theres so many other cooler things you can be doing with it !

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