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Most anticipated games of 04


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Lol, that site should be called www.weareawful.com


First of all, this flocker reviews the demo...seriously now, how can you review the demo and expect the game to meet all your expections.


Secondly, I could find about 10 reviews from reliable sources saying the complete opposite. Gamespot, IGN, Gamepro have all had good previews for this game.


Third, this guy seems to hate Jet Li with his stupid comments and low brow jokes within the review.


Fourth, he doesn't seem to adjust well to new systems. The new system for Rise to Honor is intuitive and provides its own gameplay.


I honestly think that his crackhead doesn't know or have the mental capacity to write a review. He might as well write about how awful kof2003 was because of its team system.


"Wha wha wha, this game is so dumb because you have 3 people and only one could do the SDM, this is so not like kof."



Damn Agozer, my blood boils now.

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Haha....I am not dissing the game, because I haven't played it myself. :D

I'm just providing reviews (other person's opinions) here.

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Well, it just makes me kind of mad when I think of other people reading that review, and then they won't even give the game a chance. If you try it and then you hate it, fine, so let it be. But im worried a bunch of internet surfers are going to stumble upon that site and fully believe that guy.

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Doom 3

Half-Life 2

Duke Nukem Forever (its taking Forever! ZING!)

KOF2k2 for PS2


DOA Online (Possibly the only reason to get an Xbox o_O)


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