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do any have sites have the movelists w/ these yet? the kinjite supers take up all three of ur stress meters and the basically win the match if u get it done right. any leads?

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i mostly use defence 1st then counteractd her moves, just do carefull.. (duoble jumps can be effective as well)

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I can't tell which is worse really... her or Johann... Noise Factory has some serious issues w/ that apparently. lol.


anyways I wound up finding 2 kinjites.


SHINTARO = f, d, df, b+C


CHINNEN = b, df, uf, db, ub, f+D (only during Stress Scream)


these were both on Syochan's FAQ. Shintaro's was the only one i could pull off. Chinnens is so difficult. ;)

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