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Step by Step DC ISO burning !!

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i'm having the same problem he stated, nero gives the same error messages..


also, when i get alcohol 120 to burn anything the DC *might* recognize, i have to burn at 4x, and raw DAO. and all the DC does is spin the cd, acting like it's about to load it...


my DC was made in 99, so it should load everything, but loads nothing.

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ok i just have to get this out its driving me crazy


you will never find a working DC game in ISO format, if you do its either fake or a VERY rare instance


ISO isnt detailed and complex enough to get all the data


you will find them mostly in...






and sometimes CCD


Alchohol 120% burns all of those and more so use that for your DC game burning....


some games ARE SUPPOSED to be over 700MB but they burn anyway using a method called Overburning where it squezzes the data in the end of the CD but ignoring the set tracks in the CD and burning the data closer together, this would normally cause the disk to be unreadable, like with a PSX game it wouldnt work in a PSX, but since the Dreamcast can read GD roms which are a higher density (the tracks are closer together, just like overburning) then it can read overburned discs (GD-ROMS ARE NOT OVERBURNED DISCS, they where pressed at the factory closer together in ALL areas, its like a DVD but less memory, also just in case you are wondering what that inner circle on all your GD-ROMS is, its the low density track, just like a normal CD, that why when you put it in a CD player it reads that and plays the "Warning, This disc is for use only in Sega Dreamcast" message, the low density area holds 20MB the high density area holds 1GB, the low density area WAS modified for some games that wanted to use regular CD format audio in the game, but this was very rare.


as for images


Check Romster Hub in DC...



and classic Sega Hub



Also you can find many UNNOFICIAL games and apps and emulators here....




and here...




If your game will not boot try resetting the internal memory (check gamesages.com for the code, go to the Dreamcast section and look for Dreamcast Console and its in there)


Also its not neccesarily the year its the model number, all DC games should be able to boot CD-R Games unless it is one certain model


The only one that doesnt work says HKT-3030 on the bottom and there is a note on the bottom about it being recertified back to factory standards by Sega, these where apparently repaird or something right before the dreamcast died *sniffle* and Sega decided to update the Firmware on them so no one could boot the CD-R games, also things like Gameshark would not work in these (in very rare cases they did) and even certain games wouldnt, one that i have experianced first hand when hooking my friends up with Dreamcasts is Grandia 2.


AVOID GETTING THAT MODEL DREAMCAST AT ALL COSTS, i cant beleive im saying this but that is an evil dreamcast!!! Sell it at gamestop and come back later (so its a different guy working the shift hehe) and buy a new one, making sure to check the model number, if its the same one, just say...uhh oops changed my mind...


anyway i dought any of you even read all that but read it!!! we must learn everything about teh dreamcast, i have only skimmed my knowledge of the Dreamcast barely right there and i didnt feel like annoying you all by telling you more interesting yet irrelevent facts. anyway im out i hope i helped in some way or another!

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can i image games and then burn them and they should work right? if i image a cd using clone cd or nero or soemthing and then burn it using the methods you gave it should work? my dreamcast is april 2000 hkt 3020 model

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no no i dont think you even read my last post


no PC drive can read GD-ROMS!!!! They are a differnt format disc!!! You need to get a DC and a Coders cable to link to your PC THEN you can use the DC as a drive and read the GD


Then you have to use overburning to burn the GD image to a CD-R

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you can probably get it off of kazaa, and not evey thing off of kazaa is a virus, well 1/4 isnt one. and i was wondering if burning dc iso or making bootleg copies was the same and making PSX iso or bootleg copies? here's a good sit to learn how to burn iso's After Dawn


and their message boards are great, check it out if you have any problems.

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