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I just bought a dreamcast!!!

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Several months ago I got ripped when i bought a dreamcast, I was supposed to get crazy taxi2, street fighter 3 third strike and marvel vs capcom 2

I was so fuken disappointed!

But today i found one for 20 bucks!


While waiting for it i bought a few games

capcom vs snk

wwf attitude

blue stinger

toy commander

tokyo extreame racing


jet grind radio


now I need to know the some other cool games for the dreamcast, so any suggestions would be helpful.

Also any one know any cheap placed to buy used games?


Secondly, dreamcast iso's, Why do people want them? we dont have dreamcast emulated yet (or do we), or is it the fact that you can burn them to a CD???????

plz answer.

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umm with the iso's you can burn it into a cd-rom.

I don't know how exactly but it can be done :(

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20$??? :P

That's a good price to play Capcom vs Snk 2 and many other great games :)

If I find one at this price I won't wait for a Dreamcast emulator after all :P

Btw, I've heard Cvs2 is much better than CvS1. I've only played CvS2, and it rocks!

SNK adaptations for Dreamcast were usually very good, so you should also try getting Garou: MOTW and the last KOF (not sure if it's 2001 or 2002).

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Get these games


All of them, they seriously all rule, i love them all, even if you think its crap at first, you grow to love them all


but then again im so obsessed my controller has no texture, its shiny, the joystick has no bumps at all and is wearing thru, the buttons dont have letters on them anymore, the triggers are very VERY easy to press down, the buttons dont click, they just mush in, and the controller doesnt click into the DC anymore, just slides in, and even more signs of excessive wear


but who cares if im too obsessed?


you DONT NEED a bootdisc to play most games, unless you burned it wrong, its not selfboot, or its just a crap image

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