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Convert roms?

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I have come to terms with the fact that it is almost impossible to find the MAME versions of rotd, kof2002, and metal slug 4 on the net. However, I have the neoragex version of all 3 of these roms. Does anyone out there know of any way to get these roms to work on Jame's MAME compile?

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I think James's compile plays the 74mb version of rotd, 93mb of kof2002, and 70mb version of mslug 4......the encrypted sets.


I don't know if his compile supports decrypted sets. If so, you'll need an unhacked p1 rom(cause neoragex uses a hacked p1)

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Actaully Kitallica, most romsets if they're a good set, will work with all emulators that have support for them. Like a "kawaks" version of Samurai Shodwn 2 will also work in NeoRageX, and vice versa. I was little confused when I read some posts of the people looking for "emulator specific" romsets, when really, aside from roms that are MAME only like Armed Police Batrider and all the great shooters, any romset will work with any emulator, to an extent. I've found the Kawaks and NeoRage can share pretty much all the NeoGeo roms without changing them in any way. And most of the Kawaks roms have support in MAME. ;)

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decrypted Neogeo rom sets work in most emulators includeing mame


encrypted rom sets will not work in NeoRageX and sometimes will not work in Kawaks Nebula....



as for decrypted Neogeo rom sets in my mame compile there are a three of them that i have added which are


SVC Snk Vs Capcom

SVCPLUS (HACK) Snk Vs Capcom Plus

Samsho5 Samurai Shodown V

mslug5nd Metal slug 5



these above rom sets also work in NeoRageX Kawaks Nebula and other X-box emulators

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