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neo arcadia X


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alright, i stumbled upon this site, and it looked quite convincing that all of the roms work. however, i downloaded their version of kawaks, and i looked under the rom list and it dosent list the games they have for download. if anyone can help me to get them to work, ill love you and battle you on kaliera (im not much good though) :lol:


much thanks, arjay.

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this could be the answer to your problem


#1 make sure the roms are in the "roms" folder


#2 make sure you are using the "Kawaks_Loader.exe" duh


#3 make the loader compatible to windows 95, to do this you need to.....

right click on the "Kawaks_loader" now select "Properties", go to Compatibility

check the box, and choose windows 95 now click OK, open your "Kawaks_Loader"

and now you should be able to see the new games in the list :lol:


The emulator work fine, i've been testing it with lots of people,

still maybe there is some internal error, not! lol

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