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Another Question...(Disoblige...take a look!)


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Kaillera Server is a server that hosts online games via Kaillera. Kaillera started out as an online play feature for CPS-2 (CPS-1 too?) games in Final Burn Alpha and has then found it's way into other emulators as well (Such as Kawaks).


You'll need the Kailleraclient.dll in order to play online.


I don't know the technicalities of the Kaillera network play, because I've never used it myself. Disoblige can fill in the necessary info (and correct me if I'm wrong). I hope this clears the fog a little. :D

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Yes it works with Mame32 but probably not Neorage X :)


You can download it at www.kaillera.com

But prefferably, go to www.emuxhaven.com and get the kaillera mame there because its better. :)


I'm going to move this to the right forum and you guys should chat about it there instead :(

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