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You'd have to convert the midi's to MP3's somehow. There's really no other way to do it if you want to play it on a CD player and such. :blink:


For siphoning the music and stuff..search for a software called Total Recorder. :blink:

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there is a program called CDeX out there and it changes most music formats


into WAVs then into MP3s...but aren't you supposed to change them into


WAVs to play in CDs?


No offense man, but uh, why would you want to listen to MIDI music? I mean


there are plenty of good music out there...( with lyrics )...

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Some Midi are for like Video Game music (Example). You can't really find the old VG music so you just have to convert it. Its better just to download the rom and rip it out yourself. The quality may be better :(

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