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Metal Slug 5 Help


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Ok, I'm probably missing something, but I've searched, and could not find an answer for my problem.


I'm currently running KAWA-X SE With these roms!!!


Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003

Metal Slug 4 (predecrypted)

Samurai Shodown V

Power Instinct Matrimelee

SVC Chaos Plus: SNK vs Capcom

Rage of the Dragons (predecrypted)

The King of Fighters 2002 (decrypted)


Now, I read somewhere that you had to edit the _p1 file in Metal Slug 5. I've done that, I downloaded that file, and I have zipped all the files into this, "mslug5.zip"

How can I have this KAWA-X SE that I'm running play Metal Slug 5?? Also, if there are certain things I need to do to my KAWA-X SE, will I be unable to play the list of games I mentioned above, or will the changes I make, not affect my game list above??? I thank you for your replies!!

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well while you're waiting for the new xbe or fbax, you can rename mslug5nd to svcbl and it plays perfect

I tried doing that and an error came up saying that it was an error with svc.m1 or something.. i forget the exact error and I'm not at my XBox to find out.. in any case, my questin is do you have to rename the whole game to match svcbl? If so, what did u rename it to? if not.. can you send me a copy of your MS5?

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