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  1. I was just wondering if the arcade versions of these games can be played on any emulator for the Xbox?
  2. Just wondering is anyone has gotten KOF New Wave on the Xbox yet..? or any other new SNK game. I know its useing the ATOMISWAVE system.. Any ideas out there?
  3. I tried doing that and an error came up saying that it was an error with svc.m1 or something.. i forget the exact error and I'm not at my XBox to find out.. in any case, my questin is do you have to rename the whole game to match svcbl? If so, what did u rename it to? if not.. can you send me a copy of your MS5?
  4. is the new version of Kawa X SE out yet that will support MSlug5?
  5. where can I get the new xbe?
  6. Is there an emulator that will play Sega and Namco arcade games like SW Arcade or Dead or Alive on my XBox? Basically I’m looking for something that will run Sega Model, Sega Model 2, and Namco System 22..
  7. I am not a programer, just a huge fan of SVC.. I was wondering if anyone could send me the hacked files I need..?
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