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Hi everyone, I want to buy a new video card but i do not know which ones to buy.


Please give me some tips on the BEST performance and BEST price.


I read the book on my mother board and I can only use 4x AGP <_<





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i wold recommend a radeon product from ati, they are gr8 besides i read that geforce fx cards are havingn problems with directx on the other hand they have a gr8 tv out quality because they made the tv out parts by themselves unlike other companies.

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ati has extremely poor driver support, and on the whole, ive been rather indifferent about the radeon 9000 64mb i bought for my mame cabinet. however, i got it for less than $100 (60, i think), and for playing mame roms and neogeo games it works spectacularly.


im not sure how much they cost, but if you want a good gaming card, go for the geforce4 ti 4200 or 4400 w/ 128mb ram. unless you plan on playing half life 2 at 1600X1200 resolution, one of those will give you all you'll need for a couple years.


EDIT: as of right now on pricewatch.com the gf4 ti4800 is $129.00, the ti4200 128mb is $92.00, and the radeon 9000 64mb is $65.00

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for the best performance/price relatioship the radeon 9600Pro is a must have (especially the Club3D one has it also overclocks pretty nice) it should cost around $150 and you're sure to get more that enough "power", unless you are a 3dmark geek <_<

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Radeon 9600 pro!!! all the way.

Or if you can afford a little bit more go for a Radeon 9600 XT!!!!!!!!!


In english money there about 140 pund.,.


This card never ever fails me i can throw any game at it ANY!!!!:-]

It not fussy about what it plays, only exspetions are Grand theft auto city [1 meg patch sorted it straight out!!]


And splinter cell all i had to do was turn down my ANTI analising and it worked 100%%


Spend more than 100 dolors and you will have a card for a long time...


Spend money on a low ass card and you will forever be upgrading [ i know]

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I've also got an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro. Its been working good for me :P If your gaming, make sure you keep your RAM high. I'm gonna upgrade from my 256, I'll probably get another 512.

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thanks guys for all the info...


but i looked into these cards that you guys are telling me about and they all read 8x agp


what will happen if i use it on my system that can only use 4x agp


but that ATI radon 9000 64 Mb is 4x agp and for a hecka good price too :P

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Violence my motherboard is only 4 times [dam english keyboard can not do a times sign] Times AGP.


No problems, hell even halo runs fast. :-]



Your machine will eat HALF LIFE 2 for breakfast ;-] your talking 50 FPS at minimum.


Violence, join the world that is Radeon my dad just bought an Nvidia he has problems all the time, now i am not dissing NVIDIA I know they are very very good cards, its just that when i purchased my radeon 95% of my gaming torubles were over it was pure gaming bliss so it stems from the fact my first awesome exsperiance with a pc was with radeon and thats why i am the radeon fan boy or some crap like that :-]

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