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N64 Surreal: Working - Non Working Game Listings


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check the nfo, it says:

- IMPORTANT! You must set the rom path in Surreal.ini before

you use the emulator.

* If your roms are on a DVD then use A:. eg. A:\ROMS\

* If your roms are on your xbox's hdd then use E:,F: or G:. eg. F:\ROMS\

* If your roms and emulator are on the DVD or the roms are in the path

where you installed the emulator use D:. eg. D:\ROMS\

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dude i know, i did that, i get nothing


The folder is on my f drive


I don't have to get into specific detail in the surreal.ini do i?? ex.

f\emulators\surreal\roms\ ????


i've done all sorts of thigs with the.ini














Nothing is working. I was running the leaked version, and in that ones.ini the default was





ever since i deleted that TDATA folder, nothing works, but that sould only delete what you've done, nothing critical. *sigh* i don't know what to do

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its not, its just you're not reading the nfo right

also you don't have to change the media folder path, only just the roms path


compare the 2 and match the paths, easy as that

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Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest = Working  (plays the same as Zelda OoT)

Mario Party 2 = Working  (Text is a bit buggy, but game very playable)

Diddy Kong Racing = Working

Tetrisphere = Working

The New Tetris = Working

(all with the 1964 emulator)





I think you should just keep updating your first post with the information other people post.  This way people don't have to wade through posts to find the games.




Has anyone figured out, or even tried, to mess with the box art?  I ask because Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest doesn't have any box art in the emulator.  It has an icon that says, "No Box Art Available".  Well, I've found some box for the game art and made the picture the same size as all the others but I can't figure out how to add it in.


Here is an example of how the box art is setup.  The Surreal.ini says this for Mario Party 2:



Game Name=MarioParty2

Alternate Title=Mario Party 2 (J) [!]



The name of the boc art jpg is this:  ED567D0F-9EA95858-82380387.jpg


Anyone have any idea what these numbers mean?  I need to figure out how to tie my picture to Master Quest.

This is from the Surreal.ini.



Skinning / Boxarts



All graphics for the GUI skin are stored under media\ui

Simply edit the graphics using your favourite graphics editor and save them as



Boxarts are stored under boxart\ui

To add a boxart for a game, create a jpeg around 123x88 in size of the box. Then

rename it to CRC_OF_ROM1-CRC_OF_ROM2-CRC_OF_ROM3-CRC_OF_ROM4.jpg where CRC_OF_ROM*

is the CRC1 value of the specified rom and each consecutive CRC is for different

versions of the rom.


eg. for Mario Kart 64, three of the ini entries are:




Alternate Title=Mario Kart 64 (E) (V1.1) [!]





Alternate Title=Mario Kart 64 (U) [!]





Alternate Title=Mario Kart 64 (J) (V1.0) [!]



By using the CRC1 value (the first number in the [] brackets) we can create

a JPEG that can be used for all three versions of the rom.

The resultant JPEG filename would be:





Hope that helps you out.

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