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[12/30/03] Prince of Persia: Sands of Time


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Game: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time


Systems: PC, PS2, XBOX, GC


Emulators: None!


Reviewed from: PC




Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Is a great game for action-adventure gamers to experience. It contains high definition graphics and pretty good gameplay. The storyline and controls also are very great!


This game takes place in ancient Persia. A prince and his father have defeat the evil Maharajah with the help of a Vizier. They loot the palace and return the treasure back to their palace. They also carry back the Sands of Time. The evil vizier tricks the prince into unlocking the Sands of Time forcing the Prince watching his father and his comrades disintegrate into sand and become monsters. The captured princess of the Maharajah aids the prince and they must collect the sands of time to save the world from the hands of the evil Vizier.




The gameplay of this game is very nice. You take control of the Prince who has great acrobatic skills. These acrobatic skills help a lot during combat which is real time. You can run on the walls for a short period of time and jump from wall to wall. Having these skills, you can also jump over and backstab monsters which is a personal favorite of mine. Also, the odd thing of this game is that you restore health by drinking water.




The very nice feature is the ability to control the sands of time with the dagger of time. You must collect sands by taking them out of the sand enemies or from sand vortexes in the ground. With the sand you can use different abilities such as the ability to freeze enemies in place or to rewind back in time to prevent a death. The Sands of Time also allow you to see visions to see what challenges await you in the next level.


The Graphics of the game are very nice. This is the sort of game that shows good graphics and good gameplay. However, I can't say that about the sound. There isnt enough music in the game and it gets often tedious :(


Overall this is a good game to play. You'll surely miss out if you decide to skip out. Buy or Download the Game now -_-




Gameplay - 10

Graphics - 9

Sound - 8

Speed - 9


Overall Grade - 9 A

Overall I give this game a :-D

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I didn't get this game, is it that good? I played like 2 minutes of the demo and it sucked. The control was all tomb raider, and I kept going and I had to run across a wall and I tried but couldn't so I died. I dont think it was any good.

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It's funny, I didnt hear much about Prince of Persia until it's release. It's truly one of the best action/adventure games out. Fun controls, Great looking graphics and a fantastic story to boot. Definitely a game to own or at the VERY least, check out.

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