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A glimpse of the new zzap!raine issue in Italy


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Thanks for the post, Tux.

Making this issue has been 5 months of hard work. We really wanted to create a new issue of Zzap!Raine for long time. Due to time constraint and limited resources (the print if self-funded), I could not make it in English, just Italian.

The magazine is 48 pages + poster (total 52 pages), full colour. It has 10 reviews of arcadew games emulated by Raine and 3 reviews of home computer conversions of Raine games, in their c64, Spectrum, Amiga, Atari ST, etc format. Each home computer review has "tips and tricks" and "downloads via QR code" like the old Zzap!64 magazine had.

There are also 3 special articles, and 3 pages of news - including a retrospective of Raine between 2004 and 2023, and the sad news about the founders of Zzap!64 passed away a few months ago.

The price is 10 euro including shipping to Italy. In a few weeks time it will be possible to order the magazine from outside Italy, probably the price would be a little bit higher, not sure how much (I am the magazine editor, I don't do the sales so I have no idea)

To buy: https://oboli.zzapmagazine.it/product/sovvenzione-stampa-zzapraine-12/

Thanks :)

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On 7/1/2023 at 11:04 PM, Tux said:

... and way too small pictures to read anything ! ;-)


Unfortunately I have a limitation of 75KBytes per photo. I had to reduce them to 20% of the original size :(



1. I still fail to receive notifications of replies to my posts (despite the 'follow topic' checkbox is ticked)

2. Extra copies of the magazine are now available for sale and shipping worldwide! 75 copies available and there will be NO reprints in the future. This is the last chance to buy a copy of the magazine :) Link to purchase: https://oboli.zzapmagazine.it/product/erogazione-liberale-per-zzapraine12/ (select 'estero con postamail internazionale' as shipping option 'opzioni di spedizione')

Any questions please email me at lucantignano AT gmail.com  as I would not be notified of comments here heck :(

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