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Share or request of sound association list


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Hello, here is my sound association list, the tracks used is from the ngcd, except a few of the tracks are modified or from other source. Please use the "Replace" function in Notepad to change the file path and file name. Copy the games you want to the games.cfg

Updated on 8-10-2022:



Games include:


Fatal Fury 2, special, 3, real bout, real bout special, real bout 2

Art of fighting 2, 3

Samurai Shodown 1-4

New games:


Last Blade (without the tracks of ambient sound)

Last Blade 2 (the first 10 tracks are ambient sound, which I suspect they are the same as the ost)



Samurai Shodown 3 & 4


Thanks to mer-curious sharing his list before. The kof96-99, aof3 & last blade 2 are from his work.

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Perhaps this thread could be pinned in the Raine forum?

This would maybe let more users know about this feature in the emulator and ask about how to configure the sound associations.

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