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0.91.17 : a timely fix for the previous version !


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The cps2 music detection was crap in the previous version, here is the fixed version !
This one is based on reading the code in the z80 rom and using directly a table which describes the sounds to play, so it's very reliable to detect if something is a music, but it doesn't work for all the roms, it works for the majority though. For those which don't work (mainly the oldest ones including cps1 qsound and the newest ones !) the sound commands dialog is simply disabled. Anyway it's good enough for me for now... sorry for the double release !


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55 minutes ago, pmc2 said:

0.91.16 or 17 (bad link) ?

my bad, the linux version's fault actually because it uploads automatically the binary when ready so I forgot the windows binary was not uploaded !

By the way since then I improved it, all cps2 games are now supported, but since 0.91.17 exists in git, I'll have to create a 0.91.18 later... I still want to look at a few things with it anyway, so it will be later...

Sorry for the bad links, and shame to those who didn't report it ! (it's fixed for both).

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