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MESS, MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.229 are released.






- Executable names drop the "64" suffix.

- The hack that saved slider values on exit has been removed. This is because the slider code was refactored and the result was not compatible with the hack.

- Fixed a problem with the pluginspath which could cause plugin errors in certain circumstances.

- Fixed a problem where category files could not be found in certain win10 setups (MESS only)


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You're probably building it the wrong way. Firstly make sure you're not using gcc 10.2 - it doesn't work with winui.

To build messui you'll need to look at my batch files which are included in the 'messui229s.zip' file, particularly makee.bat - you'll see that it uses a different .rc file, and some things are copied around. You need to do all the steps correctly before it will work.


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Mmm the problem is that all the Msys packages I get have an older GCC, making messui to fail, or the GCC 10.2, making messui not to boot.

Tried updating the package manually and with pacman, but no way.

If you have the msys64 for windows with that GCC version and you can send me it, I could try to compile again messui from 227 to 229. Otherwise I won't compile until it gets working with the current 10.2.0. No problem since the mess only works.

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OK managed to get working the exes on Xp again. Download them from the usual place.
Big thanks to Mr-J from Emu-France.com <http://www.emu-france.com>

NOTE: MessUI32 won't launch using GCC 9.3.0, so maybe it's not a compiler problem.

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