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MAMEoXtras 2020 Release 2 (new update)

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MAMEoXtras 2020 Release 2
by gamezfan

Whats New in MAMEoXtras 2020 Release 2

New games now supported

Cannon Dancer
Deluxe 5
Opa Opa (Rev A Unprotected)
Renegade (Bootleg)
Slap Shooter
T.A.N.K III (Joystick Hack Bootleg)
Tetris (Sega System E Version)

Games now with improved sound


General Fixes And Improvements

Removed imperfect MCU simulation code and hooked the proper M68705 MCU's for Renegade and Kunio-kun [dink, arcadez]
Hooked up the sepways.wav sample for journey in mcr2.c [arcadez]
Ported across from FBN some required video fixes and code for Opa Opa and Slap Shooter [dink, arcadez]
Fixed Gunbird 2 from randomly crashing [arcadez]
Removed imperfect MCU simulation code and hooked the proper M68705 MCU for Rumba Lumba [arcadez]
Reverted some silly TMS32025 timer changes which caused slowdown in 9 Ball Shootout and Cool Pool [arcadez]
Added support for some clones which either were removed by mistake or never were declared in the src [leonv32, arcadez]
Returned the rom naming and sort by manufacturer back to how they should be in this core [leonv32, arcadez]





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here are the new roms which were added to this new release.





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