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Final Burn Legends v1.24 Full Romset + Preview Videos

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seeing as people have requested this,here is a reupload.


Final Burn Legends v1.24 Full Romset
this is a download for final burn legends and a Full romset.
10.1GB in size.


download includes
final burn legends v1.24
Full romset
full screenshots



here is a download for most of the preview videos.
just unrar and put all the files in the folder into your "videos" folder in final burn legends.

5 links at 999mb
1 link at 928mb

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Hi ive grabbed the 1.23 version of this , but im trying to integrate it into xbmc emustation which uses the command line to launch your emulator , bypassing the menu etc. 

Problem is, this method leaves you with tonnes of multiples of the same game. 

Ive looked up rom managers etc and seen your tools section within th eack with the xml etc, but im at a lost as to how i can organise these roms. I want to remove all adult/mature/gambling/mahjong roms, and all duplicates leaving just the usa versions.

How would i achieve this? 

Desperate here lol

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try again in a few hours,also if you are downlaoding multiple files at the same time then that will happen with zippyshare.

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Hi fumanchu

Thanks again for all the content you share!

The link with emu+fullset and screenshots does not work anymore. I intend to use it to update to v1.26 because I'm at v1.23 on my xbox. Then I found the rompacks for 1.26 and 1.25, but the rompack for v1.24 (which includes lots of games) is not available anymore, even on the dedicated post for v1.24 update on this site .

Can you fix it please?

Or maybe you plan to provide us with a link to v1.26 with fullset and screenshots?

Many thanks in any case


Edited by Mark01

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