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MESS, MAMEUI and HBMAME 0.199 released


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MESS 0.199 and MAMEUI 0.199 have been released and are available at the usual place:





HBMAME 0.199 has also been released, and is available at





- MESSUI has been discontinued. The site has instructions how to use MAMEUI to perform the same function.


- MESS64 hasn't worked since 0.198 so has been cancelled for now. MESS32 works fine and will run on a 64-bit computer.


- HBMAME hacks (neogeo, pgm, cps, etc) are now mostly looked after by team member Gaston. I don't have much time these days.


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Robert, why are certain 7Z merged roms with sorting (key -qs) defined as corrupted when they have decompressed after launch? The audit reports that all files are correctly collected and packaged. And, there's not such one in 197 build MAME. P. S. I know that I ask for a second time about the same thing, but still I want to get to the truth, why I can't use better compressed archives. :lookaround:

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Midnight Kid: un-archiving is done by the core, which is part of MAME. If you have a valid case, bring it up as a github issue for MAME.

OK, then yet one: is there a library for processing 7z-archives? If it's standard 7z.dll, then it needs to be updated, IMHO.

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