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MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.191 released


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This bug is still present in 191, as I warned in 190:


Another one: When you pick one game from SW files or Media View tab and you launch it (for example shinobi and then Master system II), when you exit the emu the game remains in the slot and you can play again launching the system. However, if you do the same with the option "File, Play and record.....avi ouput", after exitting the emu, the game is removed and you need to select it again...

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Due to the extended downtime, which may or may not ever get resolved, future emulator releases will be at github. You can also log bugs there.


MESSUI: https://github.com/Robbbert/messui

MAMEUI: https://github.com/Robbbert/mameui

Reporting bugs (for both): https://github.com/Robbbert/mameui/issues


General talk can be done at Mameworld as was done previously.


If the problems here can get resolved, then we'll stay.

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