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MESSUI, MAMEUI and HBMAME 0.185 released


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HBMAME 0.185


2017-04-26 0.185



- cps1: replaced hard-coded per-game tables with a .key rom.



New Working Games


- [ataris1hw] Atari System 1 Hello World by Luigi30

- [cps1testma] CPS1 Diagnostic (for megaman 2012-10-29)

- [cps1testsa] CPS1 Diagnostic (for sf2ce 2012-10-29)

- [fjbusterbh] Fujiyama Buster (Japan) Boss Hack by e107

- [galaxyfgbh] Galaxy Fight (Boss Hack 2014 Edition by Yumeji)

- [neofight] Neo Fight (final ver) by Kannagi

- [ngtd2] Tech Demo 2 by Luis Miguel Mayor

- [pwrinst2z]

- [s1945sr3]

- [samsho2sp] Samurai Shodown II (Special v1.0.0122)

- [samsho2sp2] Samurai Shodown II (Special v1.0.0221)

- [samsho2sp3] Samurai Shodown II (Special v1.0.0320)

- [samsho2sp4] Samurai Shodown II (Special v1.0.0311)

- [sf2jbh] Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Japan 910522 Boss Hack 2014 Edition by Yumeji)

- [shogwarrbh] Shogun Warriors (World) Boss Hack by e107

- [sfa3nc]

- [sfa3nch]

- [tst_trkfld] Test Rom - Track and Field by Shoestring

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There is a problem loading games at mess systems, for example, loading a game via mameUI 185 by mediaview or SW files, the first time works but then the game won't be changed. The only way to make it work is doing it by the mame internal ui. Deleting the ini files doesn't solve the problem..


Even when loading a system without a game, it loads the last played with that system..

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Well, it happened with megadrive, master system ans super nintendo (all pal systems)...and with master system ii pal had to recreate a new ini file because it hangs the emulator.


Will try with more systems..I'll tell you what I can find

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I tried sms and the emulator crashed, so I deleted the ini and stuff ran. However there are problems (even though it was all good just before release).


So I'll have to get that particular dev to try to get it working once and for all.

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The same developer just put in a change to the way options works, which means for our purposes it is completely broken. The only way around is to do a total rewrite of the options & inifile system to suit us. However I don't have the motivation right now.


This means no more MESSUI, MAMEUI, HBMAMEUI and ARCADE.


If better news comes along I'll post it here.

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The change that caused the trouble has been reverted, so we are, for the moment, back in business. However, the change may come back after being reworked. We'll see.



EDIT: Looks like it will be retried, but not until after 0.186 is released.

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