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(NES) Dooly Bravo Land (new release)


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Dooly the Little Dinosaur is a popular cartoon star in Korea. This particular game, released by Daou Infosys in 1992, was the character’s only outing on Nintendo’s 8-bit system. It was also the final game in Daou’s Dooly trilogy – the other two titles were released on the MSX and the Sega Master System.

This was an exciting score for us, because in many ways, it closes the books on digitizing some of this rare history: it was the only missing Daou-developed game, the only missing Dooly console game, and most likely, the only missing Korean-developed, original game developed for the NES during the system’s lifetime (other unpreserved software is either posthumous or utilitarian, i.e. educational software or digital karaoke).


thanks goes to everyone involved with this release.









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