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Battle System offline


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Yeah- there are a few things that need to change with 1EMU, that are beyond GC's control - or mine for that matter..


Most importantly, the software needs to be moved to https and use encrypted conections- the short version is starting January 1st, Apple is beginning to phase out apps and things that connect to the web using unencrypted connections. Google announced they will be following suit.. - Which means Microsoft won't be far behind.


My understanding is the newest version of IPB supports this properly, so upgrading is a necessity. - the newest version also supports Php7, and MySQLi which is vastly superior to what is driving 1Emu now.


As for the battle Mod, I would think that if the authors wish to continue getting paid, they will upgrade it to support IPB4x - as these changes are going to effectively EOL their product involuntarily.

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