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CoinOPS 8 R4 (new update)

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CoinOPS 8 R4
by britneyspairs

CoinOPS 8 R4 Released

More Colourful, Brighter, Sharper screen picture
True Scanline Effects
Doubled quality of Bezels and allow for even high quality
Fixed some bugs found along the way from the mame core (eg R5G5B5 displayed Platte incorrectly...not used on many games...and other video updates)

This is the largest update in 10-15 years to bring Mame unto the current standard for display. I noticed as I test PC Mame it was notably crisper brighter and better looking by default....I needed to fix this.....and here it is....this isn't just one game updated or one game added this gives a stepped change to most arcade games and all arcade games that use the Mame cores....this has been requested in many ways for years and today its now standard in CoinOPS 8 and Premium 8

Enjoy BP

To disable this you can go into the advanced settings and disable "VIDEO Enhancing Effects"



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