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MAMEUI Software Issue


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I had heard of this problem, but in final testing it appeared to be working ok.


I can implement a patch for the next version. Thanks for reporting it. :-)



In the meantime, you can manually adjust the setting by opening the game's ini file (located in the ini folder), and adjusting the 'comment_path' (it might be 'comment_directory').

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That didn't happen to me.


I've fixed the issue with the software item path, turned out it only broke if the path was > 15 characters, and I'm sure it's a bug with the new compiling tools.


At the moment I'm having trouble with certain Microbee clones crashing at start, but everything else seems ok.


Welcome AntoPisa, good to see you here. :-)


Can you give a specific example?

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Aha, thanks for letting me know.


I'm having quite a bit of trouble with MESSUI crashing randomly since the new tools have been used. At this stage I won't be able to release a new version. MAMEUI is fine, no problems with that.

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