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NeoGeo pocket emulator for PSP


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Hi, some time ago, i was playing Race in my PSP when I realize, that the emulator have a great GUI, but a horrible emulation :mad0::rofl:



It was terrible, slow, a incredible strong bilinear.. well, anyways, I decide to keep the gui, and rewrite most of the emulator code


Here is my Race version for PSP







This is the main characteristics of the emulator


- Most games work at perfect speed. Some NeoGeo pocket games are 30hz, and other works at 60hz, native refresh is emulated to properly emulation

- Internal database for native refresh


- Scaling 2x without bilinear, fullscreen, etc

- Option for screen adjustment in case of 2x bilinear (NGP have a resolution of 160x152, the PSP of 160x136)


Original NGP 2x (160x152 = 320x304)


Scaling 2x in PSP (160x136 = 320x272)


Normally the 16 lost pixels are not a big problem, but in case a game miss some important stuff, like power bar, is possible to adjust position

For example KOF R2


In this case, with a simple 2x scaling, we lost the power bar


In this case, a adjustment of 4px, will show the power and life bar, without any loss in gameplay





About hz, here is my internal database about it,

- Normally 30hz is the common refresh, and center view is perfecto for a 2x, but this games need some adjustment

This games need a perfect 30hz VSYNC

Sonic The Hedgehog - Pocket Adventure
Last Blade - Beyond the Destiny

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Awesome work!! Did you happen to rename your version of the emulator as well? :-)


Thanks, hope some feedback of bugs, at least for me is working good! if not feedback or all are positive, i will left this like fina version. I wannage the icon only



about name...mm.. no, i think i left Race name intact



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