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Windows 10 -- anybody upgrade?


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Yes, Microsoft dropped Direct Draw support in Windows 8. Despite all the complaints (do a search), they have no interest in doing anything about it. There is a "software" option if you enable it in the registry, but seems it is incredibly slow.

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Waiting for Windows 10.1 if microsoft doesn´t like. :lookaround:



Don't forget to delete GWX from your windows 7, and to turn off the telemetry.


3 Tools.

Make one Clean Windows 7 Install.

1. http://forum.oszone.net/thread-257198.html Updating Windows 7 without waiting for the lazy windows updates, it will won´t install all of them only 85% before the GWX. (Ignore the russian fórum it will install your native language just fine) no need to change anything this program will auto update without making anything.

2. https://www.safer-networking.org/spybot-anti-beacon/ Remove Telemetry

3. https://github.com/Nummer/Destroy-Windows-10-Spying/releases Stop Spying and Disable Windows Updates.

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