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Here si a picture of my SVCplus ROM.


Apparently you are looking at a NeoRage Version of SVC!


The only thing stopping me is the fact that the BINs are there [ i inserted them ]

How do i change the Bin To a ROM file please. :huh:


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Bin to rom? are you serious? thats like turning silver to gold, it just cant be done....nah just rename them or i think romcenter does that for you.

There's no problem changing.bin to.rom and back again. I do it all the time for cleaning my rom sets.


Thats funny/


Has rom centre got this update for neo rage ?

Last time i used it i could not get Neo Rage SVC up anyware :huh:

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Hey emsley, I think I can help. This is what I do when I want to change.rom files to.bin files for certain emulators. Never had to change.bin to.rom, but I assume it would work the same.

Open a command(dos) prompt. go to the directory that has the files that you want to change. I'll use svc.bin and svc.rom for examples. Once in the directory with the files, you would type "copy /b svc.bin svc.rom" without quotes, and press enter. It copys svc.bin to a file, called svc.rom, which is what you want. The "/b" tells it to do a "binary copy". Hope that helps you.

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Ahh I see your problem.


You need to yank those files out of that zip and into a folder. Then you need to make sure extensions are "visible" from your desktop PC folder settings. THEN you can simply rename the files to.bin or whatever you want.


After you get done with that, re-zip the files and you'll be okay.

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