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Don't think I posted this one before but I was looking through some of my older bookmarks and found this. It is a online emulation using the JSMAME emulator. They have 900 games available to play and I have played about 100 of them and found only a couple that were broken. So try it out if you never have it is quite fun.



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It runs a but juddery with sound for me but its not bad for a browser based emulator. There are some console web based emulators also :



There are plenty of sites like this btw

Genesis/Megadrive http://www.ssega.com/

SNES http://www.snesfun.com/

NES http://www.8bbit.com/

GBA http://www.gbafun.com/

SMS/Game Gear http://www.retrosega.com/

XLAtari http://www.xlatari.com/

MSX http://www.jamsx.com/

TurboGRAFX 16 http://www.tgx16.com/

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